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I'm a speaker, teacher and life consultant. I help people work through their limiting belief systems and connect to their true identities so they can finally live the lives they want.

I’ve spent over ten years investing in my own healing and transformation, and I am a firm believer that any journey I take a client on must be a journey I have first walked myself.  Through coaching, counseling, and mentorship I have developed my own personalized method of walking people through the healing process, and I use this system to help clients overcome the areas they are feeling stuck and set back. 


Now I want to help you do the same. I believe that freedom is available for everyone, they just need the courage and a little bit of support to get there.



Life consulting sessions help you work through the mindsets that are holding you back and start the journey to wholeness, connection, and freedom.

Uncover your true self and build the life you want 


How can life consulting help you?

Connect to Yourself

The person you spend the most time with in life is you, so why not invest in that relationship? Learn how to connect to your emotions, create healthy boundaries, and live from the place of self acceptance.

Connect to Others

Develop the tools and skills to make yourself accessible and responsive in relationships. Learn how to get out of unhealthy cycles with others and create life-giving, fulfilling connections.

Connect to Life

Walk out your personal transformation with the tools you need to face life head-on. Develop the self-acceptance as well as the grit to do hard things, face fears, and engage whole-heartedly with life.


Go on the journey of self discovery. Learn who you are and how you function so that you can live your most present, connected life. 


Learn how your life experiences have shaped your ability to connect with others, and open yourself up to life-giving, intimate relationships. 


Process through and face your limiting beliefs head on, so that you can finally live the life of confidence and freedom you were made for.

Are you ready for deep and lasting change?

The road to freedom requires commitment, encouragement, and some reckless audacity. Facing pain is not for the faint of heart, and that’s why having someone safe to help you navigate is so important.


I’m here to walk the journey with you so you can find your way to freedom and a healthy, whole-hearted life. If you're ready to say yes to change, book an intro life consulting appointment today.

Get started today

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